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A Typical Day for a Direct Primary Care Physician

Morning: Improving Healthcare Coverage

It’s Wednesday morning, and Dr. Grajcar starts his typical workday by sitting down with Erin Chambers, Assured Direct Care’s new Chief Operating Officer. They’ve decided to meet at a local coffee shop in downtown Boise, and are soon joined by a new Treasure Valley employer who wants to learn more about offering Direct Primary Care (DPC) to their team.

During their meeting, they discuss how the states of Nebraska and Colorado recently began offering DPC with a high deductible plan. This leads to the three of them chatting about how DPC could improve access to care while simultaneously lowering costs for employers. Many studies show a 20% reduction in healthcare spend when using direct care. That could mean millions of tax payers’ dollars saved.

Afternoon: Extended Office Consultations

Back at the office, Dr. Grajcar joins two other providers. The three of them are expecting to see 35 patients over the course of the work day. In order to provide more holistic and comprehensive care for their patients, the clinic decided two years ago to lengthen their visits to 30-45 minutes. They’ve never regretted the decision.

At lunch, the direct primary care providers meet to discuss how to direct their referrals to more cost-effective specialists when surgery is need. Many of those procedures are performed at Treasure Valley Hospital, and the team hopes to develop better ways to put their patients in touch with quality care.

Later in the afternoon, one of Dr. Grajcar’s visits is done over the phone. He has a direct primary care patient who is following up on his blood pressure medication. This type of consultation has proven to be a convenient scheduling solution for 15-20% of their family medicine visits, and ultimately saves an enormous amount of time for patients.

Evening: Continuing Care for Patients

That evening, Dr. Grajcar gets caught up on his emails for the day. He also answers a text from a direct care patient who just fell and injured his wrist. A photo of the patient’s wrist is sent through the Hale Health app. After a quick discussion, they decide that the patient can avoid an urgent care visit. He just needs ice and Advil with a little tincture of time. He will check in with Dr. Grajcar again in the morning through the Hale app.

It’s been a busy day, but that’s part of what makes the work so rewarding. There are always new challenges for a direct care physician. Of course, there are still a few constants for Dr. Grajcar and our team at Assured Direct Care. We always put patients first, and we’re passionate about helping everyone we can.

When you’re looking for one-on-one attention and flexible scheduling, we’re here to help. Please don’t hesitate to call our office at (208) 884-1571 to learn more about our process. We’d be happy to serve you and your family!

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