There are many avenues for employers to combine health insurance with Assured Direct Primary Care to lower costs and increase employee satisfaction. Choices are based on the organization’s needs and structure of its health plan.

For example, with traditional high-deductible or co-pay plans, employees often avoid visiting a physician, impacting workplace performance. Assured Direct Care provides employees with primary care benefits and “first-dollar coverage,” eliminating up front and other out-of-pocket expenses, encouraging earlier visits to a physician and lower cost of extended illness or later specialist referrals.

Assured Direct Care coordinates with higher-deductible plans, limited medical plans, indemnity plans, minimum value/minimum essential coverage plans and self-insured plans. Direct primary care plans comply with the Affordable Care Act. We recommend working with your trusted insurance advisor to determine the option which is best for your company and employees.

Options to Fit Your Company’s Needs
An organizational membership provides your employees with access to Assured Direct Care services at an affordable set fee, for themselves and their family members. You can choose the approach which best fits your company’s needs.

Join the thousands of employers across the country taking action to control healthcare costs and increase employee satisfaction through direct primary care programs. Services can start immediately or during open enrollment; there is no waiting period.

Contact us to discuss the benefits for your organization or to get started.