Offering care benefits shouldn’t be a nightmare.

Employers face a unique challenge when building their teams. Eventually, that organic growth has to become more strategic. Your employee satisfaction has a close relationship to your benefits package. In order to attract and retain the top talent your company needs, you’ll need to be able to show that your company values their work efforts — as well as their personal health and wellbeing.

But for primary care, traditional insurance proves to be way too expensive.

There’s no reason for anyone to pay high prices for basic care. Our monthly health membership helps employers finally have a “middle ground” for healthcare benefits. By focusing on primary care and the health services people use most often, you can give your team a healthcare option that actually makes sense for everyone.

The Difference with assured direct care

You can choose the approach that best fits your budget and needs. The membership eliminates your employees up-front and other out-of-pocket expenses. And that can make a big impact on company morale!

Your team can get the primary care they need from us, and then still stay covered for emergency care. Assured Direct Care works great alongside higher-deductible plans. (That includes limited medical plans, indemnity plans, minimum value/minimum essential coverage plans, and self-insured plans.)

Here’s what your team gets:

Providing benefits through our health membership model can be an easy way to encourage your employees to get the care they need, when they need it. Quality primary care helps lower the cost of extended illness or absenteeism. Plus, preventative care can limit specialist referrals down the road. Earlier visits to a personal medical provider helps everyone.

Direct Communication

The Assured Direct Care network of clinics provide you convenience and accessibility with tools to communicate with the doctor and providers. Each clinic will provide you details about the communication tool on how to get it and use it.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several ways that DPC can save healthcare costs. Our providers are available after hours and on weekends, potentially saving employees costly ER or urgent care visits. In addition, we offer same day or next day appointments for our DPC patients to address immediate issues.​

Because our visits are longer than traditional primary care offices, it allows time for meaningful conversations that are essential to better health. Our providers emphasize prevention and proactive management of health issues rather than just treating problems after they become chronic, saving complexity and expense

Employers need an edge in the current labor market to attract and retain high-quality employees. Offering DPC in your benefit packet can entice superior employees to your business. In addition, companies who offer health benefits convey concern for employees well-being and support them in achieving a healthy work/life balance. This leads to retention of top quality employees.​

DPC memberships can be offered to any employee at any time of the year. There is no waiting period and benefits can begin immediately. Employers can either have their employees pay the monthly fee or employers can pay a portion or all the monthly fee.​

Over 3,000 employers are working with DPC organizations across the United States and the number is constantly growing.

Many employers choose to cover their employees’ membership because it helps ensure total adoption. The ROI of quality healthcare services compounds each year, so it’s a win-win for everyone. Investing in primary care with makes the biggest impact for healthcare because it gives patients the tools they need to address both acute and chronic conditions before they get worse—for true optimal wellness!

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Your organization’s health and wellness services can start immediately or during open enrollment. There is no waiting period. Please contact us to discuss your benefits options. We’d love to help you care for your team!