Looking for healthcare that actually cares?

You should never have to second-guess whether to make a primary care appointment. But with high-deductible insurance plans and copays, it can be hard to budget for your care needs. That’s how we’re different.

Our monthly health membership model lets you and your family check-in with your doctor whenever you need to — without the bills piling up.

Anything and everything you might need for your primary care is already included in your membership. The result is better overall care for you and your family. Since we encourage you to see us for preventative and maintenance care, you’re able to get the attention you need and feel better year-round!

Welcome to Assured Direct Care

There’s no reason to pay high prices for basic care. That’s why we choose to work with an un-insurance billing process. Assured Direct Care gives you the flexibility to have all of your primary care needs met with a flat monthly rate.

It’s a straight-forward membership model.

Your preventative care, urgent and acute care, and general health/wellness visits are always included with your membership. And that’s true for any age. We care for infants, children, adults, and seniors.

That means your costs are completely transparent.

There are no more billing mysteries because you’re essentially paying your medical provider directly—not the insurance company. Your membership already includes everything you might need in a primary care visit.

You also get a better relationship with your doctor.

We want to be able to answer all of your questions and have an open dialogue about your care. That’s why we also give you a handful of ways to get in touch with your medical provider around-the-clock.

Direct Communication

Our office availability is dedicated to convenience. Your health and wellness concerns happen around-the-clock, and we’re focused on providing easier communication.

Healow App

Patient Health Portal

Access your medical records, schedule appointments, request refills, view lab results, and examine your statements.

Hale App

Telemedicine Platform

When you have an urgent medical issue after office hours, this is a simple way to stay connected and reduce phone tag or unnecessary trips to the office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Assured Direct Care offers a comprehensive range of medical care services for those with or without health insurance. However, we are not an insurance company and our services would not include other medical expenses outside the scope of primary care.

Many DPC patients combine their membership with a low premium/high deductible health plan. If you already have health insurance, you can combine it with Assured Direct Care which may reduce out-of-pocket and deductible costs.

There are multiple ways people can save money with DPC.

• Urgent and sick care same/next day appointments can eliminate the need for costly urgent care and emergency room visits.
• Our medical providers refer to specialist when medically appropriate, directing toward providers that offer superior care at reasonable costs.
• When your primary care provider offers longer unrushed appointments, they have time for an extended history and physical exam and eliminate ordering unnecessary costly tests.
• Having personalized, high quality health care patients develop the medical relationships that reduce your risk for chronic medical conditions and the significant costs associate with them.

A direct care membership can be activated at any time of the year.

Compete the short enrollment form, choosing your preferred locations and medical providers. The doctor’s office will call to schedule your first visit to establish care. Once established you can take advantage of all of the benefits associated with Direct Primary Care.


Ready to get started?

It’s time to rethink primary care. If you want to see your doctor, why should an insurance policy put limits on what you really need? Our model lets you take control of your care, so you can get the quality attention you want at a fair price.