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Welcome to the Assured Direct Care and Sunshine Landscape Employee Portal!

Here are the next steps to learn about your company’s healthcare plan with Assured Direct Care (ADC). You’ll learn more about our plans, preview clinics and providers, search FAQ’s and enroll in this plan.

Since we’re committed to supporting employees’ well-being, we’re proud to provide you and your family with comprehensive personalized healthcare coverage, support, and healthcare savings.

Please review your company offering and learn how Direct Primary Care can best serve you!

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Your Healthcare Enrollment Period is Here!

Your employer has chosen the Sunshine Landscape DPC Plan as your healthcare enrollment plan.

Your deadline to enroll in this plan is December 19, 2022, for the 2023 plan.

To learn more about this new plan, which will help you save money, plus offer more convenience and accessibility, click below to get more information.

Your Company Plan

Here Are The Steps To Enroll

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Choose a nearby clinic

After reviewing the clinics in your area (below), write down your designated clinic by name. Please note that you’ll need each covered individual’s full name, address, and birth date, plus the clinic name and provider, to complete the ADC healthcare application (as step two).

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Complete your enrollment application

To complete your enrollment application, click the button below. By doing so, you will be redirected to a secure online patient agreement where you can enter all your information (including the clinics selected for you and your dependents). 

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Check your inbox

Once you’ve completed your application, you’ll receive a confirmation email with your completed patient agreement attached. You can call your chosen direct primary care clinic to schedule your first appointment when your effective date begins.

Assured Direct Care Clinic Locations

If you don’t see a location near you please send us an email below.

Assured Direct Care Helps You Save Money!

We offer Deep Discounts on Other Healthcare Services

Assured Direct Care delivers affordable healthcare services beyond its ADC clinics. In addition, we have agreements with “other healthcare service companies” that give deeply discounted service prices (when our clients pay for most of their services when they receive them).

We’re proud to partner with the following companies, which deliver excellent care at affordable prices with Assured Direct Care. Each Assured Direct Care network of clinics can provide you with additional specialty doctors and clinic names that provide affordable pricing without insurance.

CHECK with your company if this is available for you!

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Lab Services

physician discount medicine

Prescription Drugs

A woman is being examined by a physical therapist.

Physical Therapy

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Specialty Doctors/Clinics

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Direct Primary Care (DPC) brings the membership-based payment model to healthcare. That means you can manage all of your primary care and preventative services with a flat monthly rate. It’s an innovative alternative to dealing with an insurance company because it emphasizes transparent billing and personalized attention to optimize your health.

A: Assured Direct Care provides much more than traditional healthcare. With ADC, you won’t have to wait weeks to get into your doctor or provider’s office. Our clinic locations grant same-day and next-day appointments (in-person, telehealth, or urgent care) for preventative health care and medical issues and problems.

On top of that, you’ll have up to 60 minutes (vs. rushed 10-minute traditional healthcare appointments) to address your medical concerns and determine the right course of action. This not only allows for easy accessibility but convenience all in one with your main doctor at the center of your care.

A: Imagine going to the doctor and not worrying about co-pays or coinsurance. ADC helps you address a broad range of essential primary care services with a fixed monthly fee. That means no out-of-pocket costs, no co-pays, and no coinsurance for wellness, acute, and chronic care visits, plus wholesale prices for lab tests and imaging/x-rays.

A: You can use ADC as the first step to any healthcare need you have. We assess your healthcare concern or problem, help you get to the real issue, and direct you to where you’ll receive the proper care. The ADC network of DPC clinics will direct you when you need to go to the ER, a specialty doctor, etc. We help you navigate your healthcare so you’ll get to optimum health with less out-of-pocket expenses.

A: Absolutely! Click here to download your ADC employee brochure.

Assured Direct Care is a network of direct primary care clinics for employers only. At Assured Direct Care, our focus is on you, your health, and your life as a whole person. Our integrated approach recognizes all aspects of your life to help you get healthy and stay healthy.

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Message your Benefits Administrator

Please click on the button below to contact Jennifer McClain if you have any questions about your company’s Assured Direct Care plan.

Please allow 48 hours for your Benefits Administrator to respond.

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Have Questions?

Schedule a convenient time to talk or request to get a quote.

Have Questions?

Schedule a convenient time to talk or request to get a quote.

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