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A Breakthrough Solution that will Cut Costs and Optimize Your Team’s Health

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A Breakthrough Solution Proven to Cut Costs and Improve Health

Direct primary care (DPC) is an innovative alternative to traditional group health insurance that provides proven cost savings and better health for all.

We believe insurance carriers can complicate the sacred relationship between doctor and patient, and actually serve as an impediment to health. Assured Direct Care is different. Our network of direct primary care clinics offers providers trained to handle 90% of most issues, which cuts down on costly specialty, hospital and urgent care—and claims overall. That makes for employees who can optimize their health, and a healthier bottom line for the employer.

Lower healthcare costs

Improve healthcare quality

Reduced absenteeism and boost productivity

Direct Primary Care Delivers

Enabling doctors and patients to resume their rightful place at the center of patient care.

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Reduced costs

When people are more likely to see a doctor regularly for their medical needs they tend to prevent more serious, costly problems later on.

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Happier and engaged employees

Direct primary care puts physicians and patients in charge of healthcare decisions.

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Transformative healthcare

Direct primary care is like building a house: it is the foundation for good healthcare. It aligns the incentives of patients and providers.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: There are several ways Assured Direct Care’s network of primary care clinics care can save healthcare costs. First, our doctors are trained to handle 90% of the health issues patients may have. Traditional family doctors in the insurance world handle far less. By handling more challenges, our providers reduce referrals to specialists and the need for expensive tests. Our providers are also available via virtual urgent care after hours and on weekends, potentially saving employees costly ER or urgent care visits. In addition, we offer next- or even same-day appointments to address immediate issues.​

A: Because our primary care visits are 30-60 minutes. This allows time for doctors to ask more questions, and dive deeper into health issues. Our providers emphasize prevention and proactive management of health issues rather than just treating problems after they become chronic. This reduces complexity and expenses.

A: Employers need an edge in the current labor market to attract and retain high-quality employees. Offering direct primary care in your benefits packet can entice superior employees to your business. In addition, companies that offer health benefits convey concern for employee’s well-being and support them in achieving a healthy work/life balance. This leads to retention of top quality employees.​

A: Direct primary care can be offered to any employee at any time of the year. Whether you have three or thousands of employees, direct primary care works as a standalone plan, or can be integrated with a high-deductible plan, medical cost-sharing or self-funding plan.  There is no waiting period and benefits begin immediately. Employers can either have their employees pay the monthly fee or employers can pay a portion or all the monthly fee.​

A: Over 3,000 employers are working with direct primary care organizations across the United States—and the number is constantly growing.

A: With direct primary care, employers work directly with primary care providers, eliminating the intrusive and often costly influence of insurance companies.  The typical fee-for-service model of healthcare is replaced with an affordable monthly per-member payment. Thus, employees are much more likely to see a doctor regularly, which reduces costly hospitalizations.

Our primary care providers are trained to handle up to 90% of a typical patient’s healthcare needs, which reduces the need for referrals to specialists. When specialist care is needed, the primary care provider coordinates it with a larger healthcare team. Virtual care through telehealth services ensures greater access to doctors. In addition, our contracting arrangements offer much lower prices on laboratory tests, imaging and medications.

A: Yes. Assured Direct Care is devoted to maintaining good employee health, happiness, productivity, and work-life satisfaction. Reducing the cost of primary care makes it much more likely that employees will see a doctor regularly, if not frequently. Over time, doctors will build a comprehensive picture of employee health to support their long-term wellbeing.

A: No. Our advanced primary care model is based on a direct, personal relationship between patients and doctors. We believe insurers—with their often arbitrary decisions—should not influence the quality or the cost of healthcare.

A: When those services are warranted, we will track employees during their hospital stay and work closely with any specialist.

A: Yes. One of the benefits of Assured Direct Care is easier access to healthcare. We offer virtual after-hours care from the doctor you know—not a doctor that has not treated you.

A: Assured Direct Care does not involve paying fees (copays and coinsurance) for individual primary care visits. Instead, employers can either have their employees pay an affordable monthly fee covering all primary care visits; or employers can pay a portion or all the fee for them.

A: Many employers choose to cover their employees’ fees. Why? Because by making healthcare even more affordable employers  can encourage their people to fully utilize their benefits and thereby stay heathier, happier and more productive. Investing in primary care helps people manage both acute and chronic conditions before they get worse.

Have Questions?

Schedule a convenient time to talk or request to get a quote.

Have Questions?

Schedule a convenient time to talk or request to get a quote.

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